February 2017 club news

C1 State Trail open

With the recent snowfall that we have received the club has opened the C1 trail. Use extreme caution while riding the trail. Be aware of the trail conditions as you are riding, the last snowfall was very wet and heavy causing many trees to break and fall into the trail system.

Members of the club have spent time clearing most of the trails in the areas with the highest amount of damage. If anyone is aware of an area that will need attention from the club to clear trees or perform trail maintenance please contact any club member. 

The ground is still very saturated from the unseasonably warm weather that has melted all the snow away. There are many locations along the trail that there is large amounts of standing water, use caution as approaching these spots as they can be very deceiving as to the depth of the water. 

As always ride safe and stay right!!

The monthly meetings are being held the first Monday of each month at the Jasper Fire Department on main street in Jasper NY

Next monthly meeting will be held on Monday April 2nd at 7pm.

Email us at tentownssnowmobile@yahoo.com
We are in urgent need of Club Member participation in all aspects, fund raisers, trail up keep, and signage so please come to the meetings and check your club out, our door is open to everyone.


More information about snowmobiling in NYS can be found at http://nysnowmobiler.com/

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