2016-2017 snowmobiling season coming to an end… Spring activities starting

We here at the Ten Towns snowmobile club regret to announce that the 2016-2017 snowmobile season looks to be coming to an end. With the lack of snow throughout the year we did not have a chance to get much riding in on the trails that we maintain. For the amount of riding that we did get in we have identified the locations on the trails that will be needing work to improve for future riding.

We will be looking for help to remove the signage on the trails to ensure that we maintain the good relationship with the landowners during the summer months. Anyone who is interested in giving a hand to remove the signs please feel free to attend a meeting or contact any of the club personnel.

The club is looking into purchasing some property to establish a building where we can hold monthly meetings, have a location where all the club assets can be consolidated at and start holding club functions.

Ten Towns snowmobile club is looking to start having fund raising events through the Spring, Summer and Fall months. If you are interested in participating please contact any of the club members. Any help will be greatly appreciated
 All of our meetings will be held @ 7p.m. at Don McCaigs Garage 5667 Merring Road Addison, NY next to the Rathbone Raceway.

Meetings are being held the first Monday of each month, next meeting will be held on April 3rd.

Email us at tentownssnowmobile@yahoo.com
We are in urgent need of Club Member participation in all aspects, fund raisers, trail up keep, and signage so please come to the meetings and check your club out, or door is open to everyone.


More information about snowmobiling in NYS can be found at http://nysnowmobiler.com/

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