April 2021 club news

We had a decent year for riding snowmobiles, the season has come to an end and we are looking forward to a great summer.

The annual Onondaga County Snowmobile Association Super Raffle is being held on Saturday April 17th


The next monthly club meeting will be held on May 3rd 7pm at the groomer barn. We are looking for volunteers to help with cleaning at the groomer barn and get the trail signs organized and put away for the summer.

Please remember to purchase you annual club membership and support your local club. 

As we enter into summer the club is looking to make some re-routes of the C1 corridor. With these changes it will improve the riding conditions and make for a safer trail system.

As always ride safe and stay right!!

The next monthly meeting will be held on Monday May 3rd 7 pm at the groomer barn

Check out the events tab to view the clubs upcoming project work at clubs new property

Email us at tentownssnowmobile@yahoo.com
We are in urgent need of Club Member participation in all aspects, fund raisers, trail up keep, and signage so please come to the meetings and check your club out, our door is open to everyone.

More information about snowmobiling in NYS can be found at http://nysnowmobiler.com/

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