November 2018 club news

Tens Towns Snowmobile Club membership drive

The annual membership drive will take place on Monday December 3rd, 7 pm at the Town of Jasper fire hall. Pizza and wings will be provided.

Come and join as a new member or renew your membership if you have not already done it.


With the recent amount of snowfall that we have encountered things are looking very good for the 2018-2019 snowmobile season. Please respect the landowners and do not ride on the trails until they have been opened.

Snowmobile season opens on December 19th and the status of the trails will be posted.

As always ride safe and stay right!!

The next monthly meeting will be held on Monday December 3rd 7 pm at the Jasper fire hall

Check out the events tab to view the clubs upcoming project work at clubs new property


Email us at
We are in urgent need of Club Member participation in all aspects, fund raisers, trail up keep, and signage so please come to the meetings and check your club out, our door is open to everyone.


More information about snowmobiling in NYS can be found at

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